Stenen Kryper

A Rolling Stones Tribute Band


Stenen Kryper is a Rolling Stones Tribute band with a lot of energy


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A Tribute to Rolling Stones

Stenen Kryper


Stenen Kryper was founded in 1969 and was then one of the many R & B band that was born in a shabby basement .

Stenen Kryper played as both original material and covers of Animals, Doors and of course the Rolling Stones.

Since 1997, Stenen Kryper specialize in only the Rolling Stones.


SK digging among Stones voluminous library covering raw R & B, blues,

ballads and more.

Of course there is room for both the real icons a little more quirky touches.

Stenen Kryper are frequently hired to festivals, rock clubs , pubs and company events.


  • Lucys 12 mars 2016
  • 60-tals fest Folkets Park Trelleborg (med Liverpool) 16 april
  • Pernille 27 maj 2016
  • HX festivalen Helsingborg 6 aug 2016
  • Malmöfestivalen Malmö 14 aug 2016
  • Äskebergafestivalen 27 aug 2016
  • The Tivoli Helsingborg 7 okt 2016
  • Sundsbussen Helsingborg 26 nov 2016