About us

Stenen Kryper

A Rolling Stones Tribute Band

Music performed by Stenen Kryper

Per Nordén

Joined Stenen Kryper in 1997. Per

plays the guitar.


In 1997 when SK decided to be a Rolling Stones Tribute band Per joined the group. The other members where at that time Lars Schill drums, Björn Almqvist guitar and Mats Ståhl played the bass



Lars Göte Nilsson

Started up the group in 1969 and still

going strong. Leadsinger and harmonica.


Lars Göte is borned in may 1952. As many young boys in the middle of the 60ties he loved the music that was performed by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals and many others. He got his first guitar in 1963 and started to play with some friends.

In 1969 he started Stenen Kryper together with Björn Thorstensson, Lasse Schill, Adel Kjellström and Robert Persson. SK played music from Animals, Rolling Stones and other blues and R&B stuff as well as own material.

From 1997 SK is specialized on Rolling Stones.



Janne Boman

Joined Stenen Kryper in 2008. Janne plays bass.


When Thomas Ström ended in SK Janne replaced him on bass. The year was the 2008. Janne works as a music teacher at Mega Music.



Harald Nordén

Joined Stenen Kryper in 2008. Harald plays the guitar.


Harald also joined SK 2008. The youngest member

of SK . Playing with a great feeling. Harald lives in Malmö and plays with a lot of great musicians.



Thomas Karlsson

Joined Stenen Kryper in 2008. Thomas plays drums.


2008 Thomas jumped into SK . Janne and Thomas know each other since a long time and provide an excellent rhythm section.